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Age of Empires: Castle Siege iOS Game Review

Age of Empires Castle Siege is a Microsoft Studio game that resembles games like Star Wars Commander, Clash of Clans and similar games. This game has been adapted to fit into ”Time waster” models where action is gated behind time sinks. For example, erecting an army Barack will take a few minutes but refurbishing it will take more than 10 hours.

Furthermore, collecting resources is a huge mechanic in time waster game models, and this feature is always present with Age of Empires Castle Siege. If you’ve ever laid your hands on games like Star Wars, you already know how to play Castle Siege.

Age of Empires: Castle Siege iOS Game Review

The iOS version of this game lets players have fun on their iOS devices. This is a remarkable improvement considering that iOS users had requested for this version for quite some time now.

Kingdoms can’t operate on an empty stomach

The gameplay focuses on building ancient civilizations like Teutonic, Briton or Knight. But to do so, you will need three essential things named wood, stones and apples. This is done through acquiring buildings that have the capability of generating resources and storing them respectively.

These buildings are referred to as (generators and storage), plus there’s an option of upgrading to let them generate faster and store more.

Working with the best army

The size of your army will be limited based on the number of units your camp will hold. However, you need not to worry since this size can be upgraded too. When you use your troops in battles, they should be expended, just like what happens in CoC. You have to retrain them in any combination you desire and up to a certain number that can be supported by you. Until this happens, you can never wage wars confidently.

There are many units to work with. These include melee troops, crossbow men, siege weapons and many more. A certain melee unit is specialized in the art of climbing walls via ladders so they can inflict damages on siege emplacements. This unit is extremely handy when your troop wants to bring down all the enemy defenses so they can storm in.

Therefore, if you want to play successfully, you will need to use the best combination of units — of course by evaluating each unit’s strengths and weaknesses. You can decide that you won’t be using the sword wielding melee units, but then you realize that they are the best in soaking up damages from towers.

Think about the marauder units and how they clear up damage once a wall has been brought down. Other extremely crucial units like the Hero unit rounds up armies with their active ability use and well-planned strategy.

Many civilizations and challenges

You will have several Kingdoms at your disposal, and each one of these kingdoms exhibit some unique elements in the game.

If you’re using Britons for example, your hero will be King Richard, plus you will get several longbow units who are capable of doing their job very well. There is also the option of switching from one civilization to the other.

There are many famous battles in history that will bring a lot of challenges along the way. Yes, you will be rewarded with great resources to help you along the way. However, if you aren’t careful enough, you may have to repeat a battle 10 times to squeeze some victory.

Sieging random players

This is the aim of the game. You will enter a random battle and if you’re not satisfied with the match-up, you can always pay a few apples to be matched with a different opponent. Unappealing targets include enemies who have amazed a lot of resources or those who have spent time erecting their defenses.

The ability to swipe where you want your troops to go or attack is a handy feature in Castle Siege. If you compare Castle Siege with other games, you realize that other units are restricted to priority target list.

It works well for iOS devices and computers at the same time

The game will work well with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and many other iOS devices. Logging into your Microsoft account to access the game means you can play it on your iOS device, and at the same time, you can log into your computer and pick it up from where you left.

So, is it worth your time?

This game is free to play, so it doesn’t cost you anything other than your time. The theme is generic medieval. Waiting time becomes ridiculous, and just like most time wasters, you will probably sit there waiting to play the real action.

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