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Command & Conquer: The ultimate Red Alert 3 Review

The Command & Conquer franchise of titles are a series of PC games that has managed to preserve their elements throughout the ages. Specifically looking at the Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, we can confidently say that most of its heritage has been preserved, except for the fact that weapons have been upgraded, the cut-scenes have been made to feel more cinematic, plus they’ve also included characters you’ve read about or heard of. Lastly, the graphics in the latest series of the Command and Conquer franchise are much better.

The playing style

If you’re familiar with strategy games, then you know that there’s preserving funds, sending out soldiers to where they are required, or accumulating resources so the entire village or arsenal of soldiers won’t suffer.

It is upon these principles that Red Alert 3  was created. So in this arrangement, you will play as the U.S, Japan or even Russia. This should hint a little bit of world war history, and if you love that kind of theme, Red Alert 3 will be the game of your choice.

Moving forward, it’s worth noting that this strategy game seemingly integrates online playing into the regular campaigns. But if you choose to play offline, you’ll be paired with another ally to fight alongside. However, if you take it online, the platform will automatically pair you with a partner. We must also say that Command & Conquer community isn’t the most reliable gaming community on the servers. However, when it works, Red Alert 3 can turn out to be the best strategy game ever.

The theme of the game

There are 3 factions involved, plus most of the action is focused on naval combat. This makes a big part of the game anyway. Because the 3 factions are disagreeing to agree, their differences will prompt you to think strategically and tactfully in order to survive. But in all this, the system won’t make you feel like one faction has an edge over the other.

Each faction has a different strategy in Red Alert 3. The Allies build into the game by placing complete structures on the battlefield. The soviets draw their structures on maps as soon as construction begins. And lastly, the forces of the Empire of the Rising Sun distribute their core vehicles from the construction yard, and these vehicles are supposed to be driven to a specific location so they can be unfurled.

Base expansion projects also exhibit differences that must be understood. Finally the tech trees also build differently when they distribute to multiple parts of the base.

If you play the campaign mode, you will go through the 3 factions. There’s no specific order of playing the game levels. However, the logical order that most players start with is the Soviets, the Allies, and finally concluding with the Empire.

And like the previous versions of Red Alert, players will find many bonus objectives to complete. The story is also narrated through the help of full-motion video sequences that explain what each mission is all about.

What’s more, players will also be presented with videos when aiming to complete an objective. These videos are presented in a way that doesn’t block the user from playing or seeing the screen.

The game was designed so that users could play it corporately. What this means is that you will always have a co-commander by your side. They can either be real human or computer-inspired. The corporation is effective because it lets the two of you ward off threats effectively.

For instance, you could deploy your co-commander in a different part of the map, and this gives you the advantage of being able to handle local threats better. It also improves coordination for what we call a multi-pronged offensive.

The type of music that plays in the background when driving around or when battles commence is a great addition to keep you engaged. There’s also a lot of unit dialogue spread throughout the game.

The pros

  • There are plenty of innovative options in this game
  • It’s fun to play
  • There’s a lot of hilarious and cheesy acting

The cons

  • The online version of this game tends to be buggy sometimes.
  • There’s no one significant change from the previous version of Red Alert.


Red Alert 3 doesn’t divert a great deal from its previous version, Red Alert 2.So if you were not expecting major changes, you will certainly enjoy it.

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