New Intel Skylake Processors Set for Release

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The New Intel Skylake Processor Set for Release.

Yes, it really is happening – the big technology companies are making PC’s, desktops and notebooks that are smaller and lighter, while maintaining powerful processing capacities and being cheaper to buy. Even though they sound like Sci-Fi creations, the new Intel Skylake processors have already hit the market and they represent something special in the company’s tick-tock line of new releases.

These new CPU’s are said to be Intel’s finest. Based on the microarchitecture of the previous Broadwell CPU, the Intel Skylake has the same tiny size of manufacturing of 14nm, or 14 nanometres. Despite this tiny size, the hardware promises to start up a PC which is also running Windows 10, four times faster than a current PC’s starting time as well as being able to produce double the performance and extend battery life by three times.

Wow! No wonder so many companies have already agreed to install these wonder CPU’s in their new computing products, including Apple Inc.

The Intel Skylake range is sixth generation computing technology. The new chipset Z170 is so small that the electrical circuits on them are just 14 billionths of a metre apart. Even though this information is highly technological and perhaps irrelevant to the everyday user, it gives some idea of the high expectations that have been placed on this new equipment, which has been released with the hope of re-invigorating sales of PC’s.

The Skylake CPU’s were debuted at Gamescon 2015 because hard-core gamers will be thrilled by the Iris GT4e graphics program. Intel also announced that shipments of the new Skylake CPU will commence later in 2015.

Decoding the configurations or working out which model is which can be a little tricky. All of the Skylake processors will feature core names such as Core m3, Core m5 and Core m7. The ultra-thin and portable laptops, and all-in-one PC’s are the “U” series of processors. Desktops are the “S” series of processors.

High-priced notebooks, work stations and gaming rigs are the “H” series of processors.The “Y” series of processors are the Core M series, or the low-power tablets and hybrids. Here are some other features of the Intel Skylake processors:

A power saving program called Speed Shift Technology is able to switch the power state of a PC in a single millisecond. This new ability of Skylake processors, changing power states from idle to full performance and the reverse saves more electricity and is thirty times faster than the ability of a current PC to switch the P State.

All Skylake chips are able to play Ultra-HD videos using the new 4K video decoding. Overclocking a laptop is the new way to get the most processing power from a PC. The Skylake Corei7- 6820HK has been manufactured to run at 3.2Ghz in Turbo mode, whilst during a demonstration the Skylark processor was tuned up to run at the speed of 4.2Ghz. Skylake CPU’s provide up to an hour of extended battery life for extra video playback time, in comparison to a laptop that has similar specifications.

The Skylake processors look like they are here for the foreseeable future. The high levels of change in performance and power may be most obvious on an older PC, for instance a model from prior to 2010, although computers which are older than 3 years may also be noticeably put in the shade by a PC with a Skylark processor.

Another major transformation which has been introduced by Skylake is putting DDR4 into mainstream computers. DDR4 translates loosely as “Double rate 4th generation synchronous dynamic random access memory.” The price of this very new type of computer memory is not too forbidding, though PC users will have to accept that previous versions of memory, such as DDR3 will not work anymore. The big attraction of DDR4 is that it has a lower power requirement and it also generates less waste heat.

When you are looking to buy a new PC and you’ve decided to go with a Skylake CPU on the inside, you’ll probably already be aware that Intel’s new processor is the best one on the 2015-2016 market and that it’s going transform your PC experience. Look out for the five biggest innovations that Skylake has to offer: Better graphics for gaming, power saving, overclocking, extended battery life and a slimmer but much more efficient PC.

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