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Review of the Best RTS Games 2015

This is an entirely objective ranking of the best Real Time Strategy games of 2015. From soothing peace games to interactive games, this review contains something for everyone and we’ve gathered the very best, of the best. Vast majority of these games are available online and are free to download and play forever. Simply put, they are all brilliant. Before going further, let as first define what we mean by strategy games, the answer is simple; these are games that concentrate purely on tactical decisions. What must be noted is that it’s not about space wars or War Games, the treasures below are fully detailed on style, setting and theme.

Since we are talking about 2015, let’s start with something new:


Etherium has to be one of the new titles that has really tried to capture the classic concept though it has some added complexities that will put gamers who are looking for a traditional appeal. This game resembles the old Red Alert titles except this one is more futuristic. This game has three factions, pure military construction, scissor units and rock-paper. The game has one interesting element, the weather. Depending on where you do battle, you will face hurricanes, blizzards, sandstorms and all other elements of Mother Nature. The game has added a turn-based element that has a space map and one could call it a hybrid.

Grey Goo

If Etherium puts you off with its turn-based element, then Grey Goo will definitely wheel you in. It has a back to the classic theme but has not included bells and whistles that most games feel that they have to be added. I won’t get sucker-punched for this, but one can call it the old Starcraft rip off, which is excellent, if you liked Starcraft. The catch here is that the three factions as mentioned in Etherium are very different. Only one uses a standard real time strategystyle while the namesake of the game, goo, is the most unique faction you will ever play in any real time strategy. This game has a sur2prisingly good cinematic quality and you should give it a shot.

Age of Mythology

Most of you have heard this game and it has sparked a few good memories. Thanks to Ensemble Studios, the game has been modernized for today’s system. The game is pretty much the same but with some enhanced elements such as graphics, resolution, sound, lighting and so on. The game allows you to play multiplayer and it’s a classic that has come back and everyone loved this. Go ahead and try it.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

This is another popular name when it comes to games. The game has combined two great genres that are real time and strategy and 4X or what gamers call Empire Building. The game is played in Space. This is perhaps the most boring aspect of Empire Rebellion. If you are looking to give the game a shot, then go ahead since we know that rebellion is an expansion, however, it’s a stand-alone expansion.

Company of Heroes 2

This is a game dramatization of the second World War and the name is familiar with gamers. This game doesn’t disappoint. For those who love and are fans of modern settings of war, this game is a must play. The game does not offer anything new but players can earn small bonuses and medals so players have goals to achieve.

Offworld Trading Company

This is one of a kind. This is a game that you do not have to kill or control players, all you have to do is to control and dominate the economy so that you can achieve victory. This is not City Building, First, you have to grab all the resources that you can find and strike the best deals with other empires. If you are the type of player that enjoys Civ games, and tired of warfare driven games, or a player who is looking for something different, Offworld Trading Company is a must-try!


There would be no justice if this game is not mentioned. One can have a whole day talking about this but that would be unfair to some gamers. This is the latest release and is not disappointing unlike the predecessors. Give this game a try.

Age of Empires 2: HD Edition

Is it necessary to say anything about this game? How many years have we all lost to this game? Everyone knows this game, you all must! Just like the command and conquer series, this one has to be one the most widespread and influential game ever played. If some miracle you happen not to know or play this game, after reading this, simply go out, and order it.

Finally, we have to thank the companies that have brought back some of the classic games that have helped to remind players what gaming is all about. The real time and strategy genre seemed to have died but 2015 has pulled off one of the greatest comebacks. For more on these games and more, visit or and get to see what you are missing out and be sure top arm yourself with a prime new gaming laptop while you’re at it.

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