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Starcraft II Legacy of the Void: Free Prologue Missions Released

3 Prologue missions which bridge Star Craft Two’s ”Heart of the swam” to the upcoming version ”Legacy of the Void”  are now available.

In this latest release, players will be given a chance to play Whispers of Oblivion — ideally a situation where they shall be given a chance to view the beginning of the end through Zeratul’s eyes as he explores the galaxies to prevent the impending universal doom.

However, in order for players to get a chance of laying their hands on StarCraft II, they must select the mission on client and then select the free starter pack.
Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void: Free Prologue Missions Released

The latest update version 3.0 is as follows:


One thing remains that Whispers of Oblivion is now available to all players. However, 3 campaign missions that the developer had only included in the beta version of Legacy of the Void is now available to players too.

For a player to experience what these missions have to offer, they should select campaign, then Legacy of the Void, then Prologue. The aim is to bridge the gap existing between Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void. Now, the mission has to focus on Zeratul as initially described above.

The Campaign screen also acts like an in-app market, where you can purchase 3 StarCraft 2 expansions in their respective game menus. There’s also the chance of pre-purchasing Legacy of the Void.

Note that each of the game expansion can now be acquired as a separate item. With this arrangement, you don’t have to own initial installments in order to unlock the subsequent games. What’s more, StarCraft II is now available in 64-bit version. But to use this version, you have to navigate your way to the game setting, and in the App, you will select StarCraft 2.

They’ve also migrated from the old StarCraft 2 platform (MPQ file format) to the new one called CASC file format.


Every aspect of the user interface has received a facelift. Main navigation features have been moved to the top of the screen, and this includes Profile and the party panel. Multiplayer now accommodates Custom games. Under Custom games, you will find Archon Mode available on Blizzard authored maps.

However, in order for you to add Archon Mode into non-Blizzard maps, all you need to do is open and re-save the map inside the Patch 3.0 Editor. This move will allow you to pick a new Archon Mode variant which you will republish on

The WCS 2.2 Observer interface

Each Archon team will have players with names shown in the first 4 letters. The circles that are responsible for selecting units have also been revamped to show which units are observing Archon Mode games and teams.

The chat system

This feature has been moved from the middle of the screen and now sits at the bottom left. This is done alongside the chat system which has also received some changes. The chat window can be found in the bottom right corner of the display. Once you login, you will automatically join the general chat. What’s more, the chat window allows players to expand or pin it so it stays in place even when out of focus. And the maximum number of players who can participate in one chat is up to 200 rather than the initial 100.


The count text turns red when you’re low in Vespene gas. Flier separation has also been adjusted when flying in groups so units can’t lose velocity in a rapid manner while flying and attacking.

When an attack command is issued to Carrier Interceptors after deployment, they will straight away engage the target instead of returning to the Carrier first. At the beginning of each game, possible enemy locations will be pulsed on the mini-maps for a short period of time — usually 10 seconds. So if you press Alt plus , you will create a new control group which removes units from other groups.


They’ve fixed a crash that happened when re-sizing the terrain editor. And when you drag and drop directly into an open editor window, you will ideally be opening new maps.

So in conclusion, Legacy of the Void is considered the final chapter of the StarCraft II trilogy. It is set to be released in November 10, 2015. It marks the end of what began with the original StarCraft.

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