Command & Conquer: The ultimate Red Alert 3 Review

The Command & Conquer franchise of titles are a series of PC games that has managed to preserve their elements throughout the ages. Specifically looking at the Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, we can confidently say that most of its heritage has been preserved, except for the fact that weapons have been upgraded, the cut-scenes have been made to feel more cinematic, plus they’ve also included characters you’ve read about or heard of. Lastly, the graphics in the latest series of the Command and Conquer franchise are much better.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Review


The playing style


If you’re familiar with strategy games, then you know that there’s preserving funds, sending out soldiers to where they are required, or accumulating resources so the entire village or arsenal of soldiers won’t suffer.

It is upon these principles that Red Alert 3  was created. So in this arrangement, you will play as the U.S, Japan or even Russia. This should hint a little bit of world war history, and if you love that kind of theme, Red Alert 3 will be the game of your choice.


Moving forward, it’s worth noting that this strategy game seemingly integrates online playing into the regular campaigns. But if you choose to play offline, you’ll be paired with another ally to fight alongside. However, if you take it online, the platform will automatically pair you with a partner. We must also say that Command & Conquer community isn’t the most reliable gaming community on the servers. However, when it works, Red Alert 3 can turn out to be the best strategy game ever.


The theme of the game


There are 3 factions involved, plus most of the action is focused on naval combat. This makes a big part of the game anyway. Because the 3 factions are disagreeing to agree, their differences will prompt you to think strategically and tactfully in order to survive. But in all this, the system won’t make you feel like one faction has an edge over the other.

Each faction has a different strategy in Red Alert 3. The Allies build into the game by placing complete structures on the battlefield. The soviets draw their structures on maps as soon as construction begins. And lastly, the forces of the Empire of the Rising Sun distribute their core vehicles from the construction yard, and these vehicles are supposed to be driven to a specific location so they can be unfurled.

Base expansion projects also exhibit differences that must be understood. Finally the tech trees also build differently when they distribute to multiple parts of the base.

If you play the campaign mode, you will go through the 3 factions. There’s no specific order of playing the game levels. However, the logical order that most players start with is the Soviets, the Allies, and finally concluding with the Empire.

And like the previous versions of Red Alert, players will find many bonus objectives to complete. The story is also narrated through the help of full-motion video sequences that explain what each mission is all about.

What’s more, players will also be presented with videos when aiming to complete an objective. These videos are presented in a way that doesn’t block the user from playing or seeing the screen.

The game was designed so that users could play it corporately. What this means is that you will always have a co-commander by your side. They can either be real human or computer-inspired. The corporation is effective because it lets the two of you ward off threats effectively.

For instance, you could deploy your co-commander in a different part of the map, and this gives you the advantage of being able to handle local threats better. It also improves coordination for what we call a multi-pronged offensive.

The type of music that plays in the background when driving around or when battles commence is a great addition to keep you engaged. There’s also a lot of unit dialogue spread throughout the game.

The pros

– There are plenty of innovative options in this game
– It’s fun to play
– There’s a lot of hilarious and cheesy acting

The cons

The online version of this game tends to be buggy sometimes. There’s no one significant change from the previous version of Red Alert.


Red Alert 3 doesn’t divert a great deal from its previous version, Red Alert 2 .

So if you were not expecting major changes, you will certainly enjoy it.

Age of Empires 2 HD Review

The phrase ”obsessive nostalgia” is used to describe a medical condition that can easily get cured with a good leeching. But today, it seems that when we get nostalgic, we treat it using an increasingly meaning-less phrase called HD. It’s like messing with art, and this can be a very tricky affair.

We’re in the era of gaming nostalgia, and it feels bitter sweat than other forms of nostalgia. Interactivity in modern gaming seems to induce a set of complex emotions we can’t explain.

Age of Empires 2 HD Review

The overview and history of the game

The Age of Empires 2 was originally released in the year 1999. Today, it’s considered one of the most influential titles in the strategy games category. If you feel nostalgic about the early version which didn’t include HD features, you’re not alone.

But the timing and release of the HD version also says a lot more about the state of affairs in the gaming industry. After the creator of this game disappeared the same year they produced Age of Empires, fierce competition emerged among fan editions, and this prompted Microsoft Inc to seize the rein.

Fast-forward to December 2012, fans were served with Forgotten Empires¬†which emulated what happened in Age of Empires. However, it added a bit of civilization, campaigns and units. The developers also worked their way around to produce a game that would use high-resolution display — a trait that is fast becoming popular among widescreen users.

The changes

Fans of Age of Empires II love the fact that the graphics engine has been upgraded, meaning the game is now compatible with most modern machines. What’s more, it has been overhauled to take advantage of clear HD displays in conjunction with multiple monitors.

However, there’s an interesting bit about this re-release. It’s the score, which the developer has lovingly remixed. The audio evokes a complex mood that didn’t exist before. This is something that has contributed to the great feel of the game when playing it.

It’s worth mentioning that the latest twist of the title has added elements of water, fire and earth, and this gives an appealing look to the terrains. But even though these elements have been added in moderation, the general impression is that of a refined look that doesn’t stimulate boredom.

The landscape boasts of some major changes that any die-hard user will notice. The mesh system of the terrain now gives a more even landscape to play on.

The developer has decided to eliminate 256 colour UI elements. Instead, the icons have received a makeover to acquire that rustic feel that goes hand in hand with the softer 32 bit color scheme.

Age of Empires 2 HD has a platform that supports social features. It’s a multiplayer instead of the original single-player version. Furthermore, the existing gaming framework now lets players come with their own network firmly tucked in place.

The drawbacks

The latest edition of the Age of Empires game consists of The Conquerors expansion, meaning fans who are yearning to replay the campaign will find many familiar scenarios. But these haven’t been updated quite well. You see, the scripting system is not at par with other titles, especially if you compare Age of Empires II with titles like Warcraft III and so on.

There are also many instances where victory, and perhaps activation conditions are obviously scripted instead of seamlessly fitting into the gameplay.

These changes have been received quite well though. However, if you play at high resolutions, the cracks within the engine will begin to reveal. This is the same thing that happens when playing other classics like Red Alert II and Empires. The games feel very small on modern machine resolutions. As a result, the player tends to feel like a distant deity giving command to tiny human forms. In fact, without a zoom feature here, you’ll totally distance yourself from all the action.

In conclusion

Strategy games have come a long way in the last decade. After the release of Age of Empires II, the game franchise took different directions — to success and also to failure. In short, the changes are subtle, and they seem intentional with the promise of being admirably executable. The HD face-lift is something that will make fans indulge in this nostalgic experience. But if you’re new to the system, you will feel frustrated by the lack of responsive hot keys.

Age of Empires: Castle Siege iOS Game Review

Age of Empires Castle Siege is a Microsoft Studio game that resembles games like Star Wars Commander, Clash of Clans and similar games. This game has been adapted to fit into ”Time waster” models where action is gated behind time sinks. For example, erecting an army Barack will take a few minutes but refurbishing it will take more than 10 hours.

Furthermore, collecting resources is a huge mechanic in time waster game models, and this feature is always present with Age of Empires Castle Siege. If you’ve ever laid your hands on games like Star Wars, you already know how to play Castle Siege.

Age of Empires: Castle Siege iOS Game Review

The iOS version of this game lets players have fun on their iOS devices. This is a remarkable improvement considering that iOS users had requested for this version for quite some time now.

Kingdoms can’t operate on an empty stomach

The gameplay focuses on building ancient civilizations like Teutonic, Briton or Knight. But to do so, you will need three essential things named wood, stones and apples. This is done through acquiring buildings that have the capability of generating resources and storing them respectively.

These buildings are referred to as (generators and storage), plus there’s an option of upgrading to let them generate faster and store more.

Working with the best army

The size of your army will be limited based on the number of units your camp will hold. However, you need not to worry since this size can be upgraded too. When you use your troops in battles, they should be expended, just like what happens in CoC. You have to retrain them in any combination you desire and up to a certain number that can be supported by you. Until this happens, you can never wage wars confidently.

There are many units to work with. These include melee troops, crossbow men, siege weapons and many more. A certain melee unit is specialized in the art of climbing walls via ladders so they can inflict damages on siege emplacements. This unit is extremely handy when your troop wants to bring down all the enemy defenses so they can storm in.

Therefore, if you want to play successfully, you will need to use the best combination of units — of course by evaluating each unit’s strengths and weaknesses. You can decide that you won’t be using the sword wielding melee units, but then you realize that they are the best in soaking up damages from towers.

Think about the marauder units and how they clear up damage once a wall has been brought down. Other extremely crucial units like the Hero unit rounds up armies with their active ability use and well-planned strategy.

Many civilizations and challenges

You will have several Kingdoms at your disposal, and each one of these kingdoms exhibit some unique elements in the game.

If you’re using Britons for example, your hero will be King Richard, plus you will get several longbow units who are capable of doing their job very well. There is also the option of switching from one civilization to the other.

There are many famous battles in history that will bring a lot of challenges along the way. Yes, you will be rewarded with great resources to help you along the way. However, if you aren’t careful enough, you may have to repeat a battle 10 times to squeeze some victory.

Sieging random players

This is the aim of the game. You will enter a random battle and if you’re not satisfied with the match-up, you can always pay a few apples to be matched with a different opponent. Unappealing targets include enemies who have amazed a lot of resources or those who have spent time erecting their defenses.

The ability to swipe where you want your troops to go or attack is a handy feature in Castle Siege. If you compare Castle Siege with other games, you realize that other units are restricted to priority target list.

It works well for iOS devices and computers at the same time

The game will work well with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and many other iOS devices. Logging into your Microsoft account to access the game means you can play it on your iOS device, and at the same time, you can log into your computer and pick it up from where you left.

So, is it worth your time?

This game is free to play, so it doesn’t cost you anything other than your time. The theme is generic medieval. Waiting time becomes ridiculous, and just like most time wasters, you will probably sit there waiting to play the real action.