New Acer Gaming Notebooks: The Unmatched Predator 15 and 17


New Acer Gaming Notebooks: The Unmatched Predator 15 and 17

The laptop buying market can be confusing: the gaming laptop market can be even more daunting for those who aren’t sure just what kind of laptop they are looking for, for their gaming needs.Buying new is always best. If you are a gamer, you expect to spend a little extra money on a laptop with strong processing power, excellent graphics cards, high resolution and superior auditory skills to immerse yourself in your gaming experience.

Acer is a well-known brand of laptops—they are also a distributor of high quality gaming laptops as well. Acer has a series called Predator—in September of 2015, Acer added two laptops and a tablet to their gamer series. But if you are seeking a laptop with some serious power, incredible graphics, variety in screen size, tomorrow’s high definition and every gamer’s dream laptop, you may need not look any further.
Acer’s Predator 15 and Predator 17 (named for their screen sizes), are sizzling in the gaming sphere while its FrostCore keeps things cool during intense gaming sessions. Predator’s thermal technology is a must-have for the gamers who don’t mess around.

  • Bold, robust, powerful and dare I say it, more than a bit sexy, on the outside and inside, the Predator gaming series is wooing gamers everywhere—and for good reason.The Predator 15 boasts a 15-inch display screen in high definition up to 4K! This is a rare option in even the gaming world, and is newly available in the Acer Predator series. Just imagine your favorite games in 4K (3,840 x 2,160) Ultra resolution.
  • As a proper gaming laptop must have, Predator 15 has NVIDIA’s G-SYNC monitor support, NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 980M for insane gaming, and a 6th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, which is meant for power, processing, and an incredible asset for this gaming series. It also contains 64GB of DDR4 memory and runs on Windows 10, coming equipped with up to 512 GB SSD (solid state drive).
  • The 15 model also includes Killer Doubleshot Pro, which allows you to choose which applications get to use bandwidth. Even more impressive is that your wireless and wired connections can actually be used simultaneously—doubling your internet by allowing both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections to work in tandem. Killer DoubleShot Pro also kills lag, making your gaming experience smooth, uninterrupted and seriously engaging. Other features you will not find anywhere else is Dust Defender—the thankless defender of your laptop. Dust Defender alternates airflow, keeping things cool and avoiding dust clog-ups, avoiding problems before they can happen.
  • Predator 15 also includes PredatorSense, which allows you access to keyboard macro profiles (e.g. hotkeys), where you can switch between in-game and adjustable lighting configurations during game time. In the same spirit, Predator ProZone allows accuracy and four customizable backlight zones and programmable macro profiles that you can share with your gaming team.
  • A number pad and macro buttons give you the control in the game.
  • And lastly, what is gaming without sound? Predator SoundPound 2.1 gives you 2 speakers, a powerful subwoofer and Dolby Audio for deep bass and immersion in sound for gaming.If Predator 15 wasn’t enough to blow you away, perhaps the Predator 17 will.Predator 17 has everything model 15 does, from FrostCore, Killer DoubleShot Pro, Lag killer, Dust Defender, PredatorSense, 6th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M, and NVIDIA G-SYNC monitor support. However, there are two distinct differences that set Predator 15 and 17 apart: screen size and sound quality.
  • If you want to take your Predator gaming experience one step further, the Predator 17 will absolutely fulfill your expectations of above-and-beyond. It boasts a 17 inch display with up to 4K resolution for gaming, which is absolutely mind-blowing for any gamer, and SoundPound 4.2 (as opposed to 15’s 2.1), gives you four speakers, two subwoofers and Dolby Audio for insane bass and deep sound immersion to go with your 17-inch, high definition 1080p to 4K viewing display that will make your game come alive.Some people may think Acer has been riding the backseat to laptops such as Alienware by Dell, HP, Digital Storm, MSI or other gaming laptops; however, it is clear to see, that they very well may have blown all of their competitors out of the water with the Acer Predator series.


Both Predator notebook models are also capable of supporting three displays, which provides even more multitasking, gaming and other enhancements you have in mind for your new setup.Coming in November in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the price for the Predator 15 will start at $1,499.00, and $1,599.00 for the Predator 17. This is an incredible deal that even Alienware cannot beat in price, with all of the best and none of the rest included in the new Acer Predator Notebook series.


Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection Review

Command Conquer The Ultimate 1_03
The Command and Conquer games are real-time strategy games and the first one debuted on August 31, 1995. The classic Command and Conquer game is set in the near future where the Global Defense Initiative fights the Brotherhood of Nod for the rare mineral of Tiberium. The second universe in the Command and Conquer series, starting with Red Alert, is an alternate universe where Nazi Germany has been replaced by the Red Menace. And lastly, there is a third universe that starts in Renegade and features China and the United States fighting against a terrorist organization known as the Global Liberation Army. As well as all the Command and Conquer games, this collection also has a compilation of the best music from the Command and Conquer universes. Early access to the next Command and Conquer games is also a feature of this collection.

These games are not available on disk, however, they are to be downloaded from Origin, EA’s download service, with a code you receive when you purchase the collection. Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection contains all 17 games/expansions:
*Command and Conquer
*Red Alert
*Red Alert Counterstrike
*Red Alert The Aftermath
*Tiberian Sun
*Tiberian Sun Firestorm
*Red Alert 2
*Red Alert Yuri’s Revenge
*Generals Zero Hour
*3 Tiberian Wars
*3 Kane’s Wrath
*Red Alert 3
*Red Alert 3 Uprising
*4 Tiberian Twilight


Command and Conquer is the first game in the series and the introduction to the world of C&C. It was debuted in 1995 and focuses on global conflict between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod. This game puts the player in charge of military organizations where the player makes all the decisions and also has to react to scenarios. It has battlefield actions which are real-time, command-based, and simultaneous. This series of the game first came out with Command and Conquer with expansion packs of Covert Operations and Sole Survivor. The second game in this series was Tiberian Sun with an expansion pack of Tiberian Sun: Firestorm. Then the following were released: Renegade, 3 Tiberium Wars, 3 Kane’s Wrath, and Tiberian Twilight.


Red Alert is the second game in the Command and Conquer franchise and is set in the past. Albert Einstein used his theories of relativity to travel back in time where he assassinated Adolf Hitler before he came into power. That did stop Nazi Germany from emerging, but the Red Menace, Soviet Union, is formed instead. In this game, you can either be with the Allies or you can be with the Soviet. The Allied players have to rely on stealth to make their moves while the Soviet players rely on brute force. If you like playing the bad guy, the Soviet side makes it easy to be a bad guy to the extreme. Red Alert Counterstrike is the first expansion to Red Alert. It doesn’t do much for multi-players, but it does offer quite a bit for single players. There are eight new Allied and Soviet scenarios each that have been added for a total of 16 new scenarios. The new missions are now selectable from a menu and the new missions are more challenging that in Red Alert. The new units that are available are only available for one-player missions. Red Alert The Aftermath is the second expansion to Red Alert. It has brand-new units for single-player modes and also for multi-player modes with seven new recruits. It features 100 multiplayer maps and 18 new single-player missions with different difficulty levels. The Aftermath also introduces new “mega” size maps which can easily be used for eight-player battles.


Red Alert 2 is the sequel to Red Alert and is set once again with the Red Menace. In Red Alert 2, you can set waypoints for several groups of units and conduct these groups simultaneously. You can also build structures and defenses simultaneously. Red Alert Yuri’s Revenge is the expansion for Red Alert 2 introduces a new playable faction headed up by renegade Soviet psychic Yuri.


The Red Menace was continued in Red Alert 3 with the expansion of Red Alert 3 Uprising.

Generals puts the United States of America, China, and a terrorist group called Global Liberation Army against each other. Generals Zero Hour is the expansion pack to Generals.

The Command and Conquer games have been going strong for several years and have been called the leading games for real-time strategy games. Westwood Studies released many Command and Conquer games before Electronic Arts took over the company in 1998. The Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection provides all of the Command and Conquer games together as well as a compilation of the best music. It is only available through download from Origin with a code you receive when you purchase the collection, so if you have slow download or internet problems you may want to consider that.