Starcraft II Legacy of the Void: Free Prologue Missions Released

3 Prologue missions which bridge Star Craft Two’s ”Heart of the swam” to the upcoming version ”Legacy of the Void”  are now available.

In this latest release, players will be given a chance to play Whispers of Oblivion — ideally a situation where they shall be given a chance to view the beginning of the end through Zeratul’s eyes as he explores the galaxies to prevent the impending universal doom.

However, in order for players to get a chance of laying their hands on StarCraft II, they must select the mission on client and then select the free starter pack.
Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void: Free Prologue Missions Released

The latest update version 3.0 is as follows:


One thing remains that Whispers of Oblivion is now available to all players. However, 3 campaign missions that the developer had only included in the beta version of Legacy of the Void is now available to players too.

For a player to experience what these missions have to offer, they should select campaign, then Legacy of the Void, then Prologue. The aim is to bridge the gap existing between Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void. Now, the mission has to focus on Zeratul as initially described above.

The Campaign screen also acts like an in-app market, where you can purchase 3 StarCraft 2 expansions in their respective game menus. There’s also the chance of pre-purchasing Legacy of the Void.

Note that each of the game expansion can now be acquired as a separate item. With this arrangement, you don’t have to own initial installments in order to unlock the subsequent games. What’s more, StarCraft II is now available in 64-bit version. But to use this version, you have to navigate your way to the game setting, and in the App, you will select StarCraft 2.

They’ve also migrated from the old StarCraft 2 platform (MPQ file format) to the new one called CASC file format.


Every aspect of the user interface has received a facelift. Main navigation features have been moved to the top of the screen, and this includes Profile and the party panel. Multiplayer now accommodates Custom games. Under Custom games, you will find Archon Mode available on Blizzard authored maps.

However, in order for you to add Archon Mode into non-Blizzard maps, all you need to do is open and re-save the map inside the Patch 3.0 Editor. This move will allow you to pick a new Archon Mode variant which you will republish on

The WCS 2.2 Observer interface

Each Archon team will have players with names shown in the first 4 letters. The circles that are responsible for selecting units have also been revamped to show which units are observing Archon Mode games and teams.

The chat system

This feature has been moved from the middle of the screen and now sits at the bottom left. This is done alongside the chat system which has also received some changes. The chat window can be found in the bottom right corner of the display. Once you login, you will automatically join the general chat. What’s more, the chat window allows players to expand or pin it so it stays in place even when out of focus. And the maximum number of players who can participate in one chat is up to 200 rather than the initial 100.


The count text turns red when you’re low in Vespene gas. Flier separation has also been adjusted when flying in groups so units can’t lose velocity in a rapid manner while flying and attacking.

When an attack command is issued to Carrier Interceptors after deployment, they will straight away engage the target instead of returning to the Carrier first. At the beginning of each game, possible enemy locations will be pulsed on the mini-maps for a short period of time — usually 10 seconds. So if you press Alt plus , you will create a new control group which removes units from other groups.


They’ve fixed a crash that happened when re-sizing the terrain editor. And when you drag and drop directly into an open editor window, you will ideally be opening new maps.

So in conclusion, Legacy of the Void is considered the final chapter of the StarCraft II trilogy. It is set to be released in November 10, 2015. It marks the end of what began with the original StarCraft.

Review of the Best RTS Games 2015

This is an entirely objective ranking of the best Real Time Strategy games of 2015. From soothing peace games to interactive games, this review contains something for everyone and we’ve gathered the very best, of the best. Vast majority of these games are available online and are free to download and play forever. Simply put, they are all brilliant. Before going further, let as first define what we mean by strategy games, the answer is simple; these are games that concentrate purely on tactical decisions. What must be noted is that it’s not about space wars or War Games, the treasures below are fully detailed on style, setting and theme.

Since we are talking about 2015, let’s start with something new:


– Etherium


Etherium has to be one of the new titles that has really tried to capture the classic concept though it has some added complexities that will put gamers who are looking for a traditional appeal. This game resembles the old Red Alert titles except this one is more futuristic. This game has three factions, pure military construction, scissor units and rock-paper. The game has one interesting element, the weather. Depending on where you do battle, you will face hurricanes, blizzards, sandstorms and all other elements of Mother Nature. The game has added a turn-based element that has a space map and one could call it a hybrid.


– Grey Goo


If Etherium puts you off with its turn-based element, then Grey Goo will definitely wheel you in. It has a back to the classic theme but has not included bells and whistles that most games feel that they have to be added. I won’t get sucker-punched for this, but one can call it the old Starcraft rip off, which is excellent, if you liked Starcraft. The catch here is that the three factions as mentioned in Etherium are very different. Only one uses a standard real time strategystyle while the namesake of the game, goo, is the most unique faction you will ever play in any real time strategy. This game has a sur2prisingly good cinematic quality and you should give it a shot.


– Age of Mythology


Most of you have heard this game and it has sparked a few good memories. Thanks to Ensemble Studios, the game has been modernized for today’s system. The game is pretty much the same but with some enhanced elements such as graphics, resolution, sound, lighting and so on. The game allows you to play multiplayer and it’s a classic that has come back and everyone loved this. Go ahead and try it.

– Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

This is another popular name when it comes to games. The game has combined two great genres that are real time and strategy and 4X or what gamers call Empire Building. The game is played in Space. This is perhaps the most boring aspect of Empire Rebellion. If you are looking to give the game a shot, then go ahead since we know that rebellion is an expansion, however, it’s a stand-alone expansion.


– Company of Heroes 2


This is a game dramatization of the second World War and the name is familiar with gamers. This game doesn’t disappoint. For those who love and are fans of modern settings of war, this game is a must play. The game does not offer anything new but players can earn small bonuses and medals so players have goals to achieve.


– Offworld Trading Company


This is one of a kind. This is a game that you do not have to kill or control players, all you have to do is to control and dominate the economy so that you can achieve victory. This is not City Building, First, you have to grab all the resources that you can find and strike the best deals with other empires. If you are the type of player that enjoys Civ games, and tired of warfare driven games, or a player who is looking for something different, Offworld Trading Company is a must try!


– Attila

There would be no justice if this game is not mentioned. One can have a whole day talking about this but that would be unfair to some gamers. This is the latest release and is not disappointing unlike the predecessors. Give this game a try.


– Age of Empires 2: HD Edition

Is it necessary to say anything about this game? How many years have we all lost to this game? Everyone knows this game, you all must! Just like the command and conquer series, this one has to be one the most widespread and influential game ever played. If some miracle you happen not to know or play this game, after reading this, simply go out, and order it.


Finally, we have to thank the companies that have brought back some of the classic games that have helped to remind players what gaming is all about. The real time and strategy genre seemed to have died but 2015 has pulled off one of the greatest comebacks. For more on these games and more, visit or and get to see what you are missing out.

Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection Review

Command Conquer The Ultimate 1_03
The Command and Conquer games are real-time strategy games and the first one debuted on August 31, 1995. The classic Command and Conquer game is set in the near future where the Global Defense Initiative fights the Brotherhood of Nod for the rare mineral of Tiberium. The second universe in the Command and Conquer series, starting with Red Alert, is an alternate universe where Nazi Germany has been replaced by the Red Menace. And lastly, there is a third universe that starts in Renegade and features China and the United States fighting against a terrorist organization known as the Global Liberation Army. As well as all the Command and Conquer games, this collection also has a compilation of the best music from the Command and Conquer universes. Early access to the next Command and Conquer games is also a feature of this collection.

These games are not available on disk, however, they are to be downloaded from Origin, EA’s download service, with a code you receive when you purchase the collection. Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection contains all 17 games/expansions:
*Command and Conquer
*Red Alert
*Red Alert Counterstrike
*Red Alert The Aftermath
*Tiberian Sun
*Tiberian Sun Firestorm
*Red Alert 2
*Red Alert Yuri’s Revenge
*Generals Zero Hour
*3 Tiberian Wars
*3 Kane’s Wrath
*Red Alert 3
*Red Alert 3 Uprising
*4 Tiberian Twilight


Command and Conquer is the first game in the series and the introduction to the world of C&C. It was debuted in 1995 and focuses on global conflict between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod. This game puts the player in charge of military organizations where the player makes all the decisions and also has to react to scenarios. It has battlefield actions which are real-time, command-based, and simultaneous. This series of the game first came out with Command and Conquer with expansion packs of Covert Operations and Sole Survivor. The second game in this series was Tiberian Sun with an expansion pack of Tiberian Sun: Firestorm. Then the following were released: Renegade, 3 Tiberium Wars, 3 Kane’s Wrath, and Tiberian Twilight.


Red Alert is the second game in the Command and Conquer franchise and is set in the past. Albert Einstein used his theories of relativity to travel back in time where he assassinated Adolf Hitler before he came into power. That did stop Nazi Germany from emerging, but the Red Menace, Soviet Union, is formed instead. In this game, you can either be with the Allies or you can be with the Soviet. The Allied players have to rely on stealth to make their moves while the Soviet players rely on brute force. If you like playing the bad guy, the Soviet side makes it easy to be a bad guy to the extreme. Red Alert Counterstrike is the first expansion to Red Alert. It doesn’t do much for multi-players, but it does offer quite a bit for single players. There are eight new Allied and Soviet scenarios each that have been added for a total of 16 new scenarios. The new missions are now selectable from a menu and the new missions are more challenging that in Red Alert. The new units that are available are only available for one-player missions. Red Alert The Aftermath is the second expansion to Red Alert. It has brand-new units for single-player modes and also for multi-player modes with seven new recruits. It features 100 multiplayer maps and 18 new single-player missions with different difficulty levels. The Aftermath also introduces new “mega” size maps which can easily be used for eight-player battles.


Red Alert 2 is the sequel to Red Alert and is set once again with the Red Menace. In Red Alert 2, you can set waypoints for several groups of units and conduct these groups simultaneously. You can also build structures and defenses simultaneously. Red Alert Yuri’s Revenge is the expansion for Red Alert 2 introduces a new playable faction headed up by renegade Soviet psychic Yuri.


The Red Menace was continued in Red Alert 3 with the expansion of Red Alert 3 Uprising.

Generals puts the United States of America, China, and a terrorist group called Global Liberation Army against each other. Generals Zero Hour is the expansion pack to Generals.

The Command and Conquer games have been going strong for several years and have been called the leading games for real-time strategy games. Westwood Studies released many Command and Conquer games before Electronic Arts took over the company in 1998. The Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection provides all of the Command and Conquer games together as well as a compilation of the best music. It is only available through download from Origin with a code you receive when you purchase the collection, so if you have slow download or internet problems you may want to consider that.

Command & Conquer: The ultimate Red Alert 3 Review

The Command & Conquer franchise of titles are a series of PC games that has managed to preserve their elements throughout the ages. Specifically looking at the Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, we can confidently say that most of its heritage has been preserved, except for the fact that weapons have been upgraded, the cut-scenes have been made to feel more cinematic, plus they’ve also included characters you’ve read about or heard of. Lastly, the graphics in the latest series of the Command and Conquer franchise are much better.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Review


The playing style


If you’re familiar with strategy games, then you know that there’s preserving funds, sending out soldiers to where they are required, or accumulating resources so the entire village or arsenal of soldiers won’t suffer.

It is upon these principles that Red Alert 3  was created. So in this arrangement, you will play as the U.S, Japan or even Russia. This should hint a little bit of world war history, and if you love that kind of theme, Red Alert 3 will be the game of your choice.


Moving forward, it’s worth noting that this strategy game seemingly integrates online playing into the regular campaigns. But if you choose to play offline, you’ll be paired with another ally to fight alongside. However, if you take it online, the platform will automatically pair you with a partner. We must also say that Command & Conquer community isn’t the most reliable gaming community on the servers. However, when it works, Red Alert 3 can turn out to be the best strategy game ever.


The theme of the game


There are 3 factions involved, plus most of the action is focused on naval combat. This makes a big part of the game anyway. Because the 3 factions are disagreeing to agree, their differences will prompt you to think strategically and tactfully in order to survive. But in all this, the system won’t make you feel like one faction has an edge over the other.

Each faction has a different strategy in Red Alert 3. The Allies build into the game by placing complete structures on the battlefield. The soviets draw their structures on maps as soon as construction begins. And lastly, the forces of the Empire of the Rising Sun distribute their core vehicles from the construction yard, and these vehicles are supposed to be driven to a specific location so they can be unfurled.

Base expansion projects also exhibit differences that must be understood. Finally the tech trees also build differently when they distribute to multiple parts of the base.

If you play the campaign mode, you will go through the 3 factions. There’s no specific order of playing the game levels. However, the logical order that most players start with is the Soviets, the Allies, and finally concluding with the Empire.

And like the previous versions of Red Alert, players will find many bonus objectives to complete. The story is also narrated through the help of full-motion video sequences that explain what each mission is all about.

What’s more, players will also be presented with videos when aiming to complete an objective. These videos are presented in a way that doesn’t block the user from playing or seeing the screen.

The game was designed so that users could play it corporately. What this means is that you will always have a co-commander by your side. They can either be real human or computer-inspired. The corporation is effective because it lets the two of you ward off threats effectively.

For instance, you could deploy your co-commander in a different part of the map, and this gives you the advantage of being able to handle local threats better. It also improves coordination for what we call a multi-pronged offensive.

The type of music that plays in the background when driving around or when battles commence is a great addition to keep you engaged. There’s also a lot of unit dialogue spread throughout the game.

The pros

– There are plenty of innovative options in this game
– It’s fun to play
– There’s a lot of hilarious and cheesy acting

The cons

The online version of this game tends to be buggy sometimes. There’s no one significant change from the previous version of Red Alert.


Red Alert 3 doesn’t divert a great deal from its previous version, Red Alert 2 .

So if you were not expecting major changes, you will certainly enjoy it.

Age of Empires 2 HD Review

The phrase ”obsessive nostalgia” is used to describe a medical condition that can easily get cured with a good leeching. But today, it seems that when we get nostalgic, we treat it using an increasingly meaning-less phrase called HD. It’s like messing with art, and this can be a very tricky affair.

We’re in the era of gaming nostalgia, and it feels bitter sweat than other forms of nostalgia. Interactivity in modern gaming seems to induce a set of complex emotions we can’t explain.

Age of Empires 2 HD Review

The overview and history of the game

The Age of Empires 2 was originally released in the year 1999. Today, it’s considered one of the most influential titles in the strategy games category. If you feel nostalgic about the early version which didn’t include HD features, you’re not alone.

But the timing and release of the HD version also says a lot more about the state of affairs in the gaming industry. After the creator of this game disappeared the same year they produced Age of Empires, fierce competition emerged among fan editions, and this prompted Microsoft Inc to seize the rein.

Fast-forward to December 2012, fans were served with Forgotten Empires which emulated what happened in Age of Empires. However, it added a bit of civilization, campaigns and units. The developers also worked their way around to produce a game that would use high-resolution display — a trait that is fast becoming popular among widescreen users.

The changes

Fans of Age of Empires II love the fact that the graphics engine has been upgraded, meaning the game is now compatible with most modern machines. What’s more, it has been overhauled to take advantage of clear HD displays in conjunction with multiple monitors.

However, there’s an interesting bit about this re-release. It’s the score, which the developer has lovingly remixed. The audio evokes a complex mood that didn’t exist before. This is something that has contributed to the great feel of the game when playing it.

It’s worth mentioning that the latest twist of the title has added elements of water, fire and earth, and this gives an appealing look to the terrains. But even though these elements have been added in moderation, the general impression is that of a refined look that doesn’t stimulate boredom.

The landscape boasts of some major changes that any die-hard user will notice. The mesh system of the terrain now gives a more even landscape to play on.

The developer has decided to eliminate 256 colour UI elements. Instead, the icons have received a makeover to acquire that rustic feel that goes hand in hand with the softer 32 bit color scheme.

Age of Empires 2 HD has a platform that supports social features. It’s a multiplayer instead of the original single-player version. Furthermore, the existing gaming framework now lets players come with their own network firmly tucked in place.

The drawbacks

The latest edition of the Age of Empires game consists of The Conquerors expansion, meaning fans who are yearning to replay the campaign will find many familiar scenarios. But these haven’t been updated quite well. You see, the scripting system is not at par with other titles, especially if you compare Age of Empires II with titles like Warcraft III and so on.

There are also many instances where victory, and perhaps activation conditions are obviously scripted instead of seamlessly fitting into the gameplay.

These changes have been received quite well though. However, if you play at high resolutions, the cracks within the engine will begin to reveal. This is the same thing that happens when playing other classics like Red Alert II and Empires. The games feel very small on modern machine resolutions. As a result, the player tends to feel like a distant deity giving command to tiny human forms. In fact, without a zoom feature here, you’ll totally distance yourself from all the action.

In conclusion

Strategy games have come a long way in the last decade. After the release of Age of Empires II, the game franchise took different directions — to success and also to failure. In short, the changes are subtle, and they seem intentional with the promise of being admirably executable. The HD face-lift is something that will make fans indulge in this nostalgic experience. But if you’re new to the system, you will feel frustrated by the lack of responsive hot keys.